Stage 1. Purchase of the Ferguson TEA (petrol) tractor

Written by: sarah

The winter means a long break for the Birch Sports factory. So with plenty of space in the warehouse, and plenty of time on our hands, the Little Grey “basket case” tractor purchased in the autumn was wheeled in for a total renovation and rebuild. We were offered it after going to an auction, and missing out on another project tractor. It came from a farm out in the Fens, and had been shoved in the back of a shed after having a long working life, so was filthy. The purchase price included delivery to our yard by the farmer. 

A daunting project as we didn’t even know if it would start, but the engine could be cranked over by hand so that at least was a good sign. The tinwork didn’t seem too bad, just a bit dinted with surface rust. Otherwise pretty much everything needed sorting. Fortunately the Grey Fergies are pretty basic, and therefore almost indestructible, and easy enough to work on.

This is the ‘before’ picture, when the tractor was pushed into the unit, given a quick dust down to remove bits of twig, straw and other stuff commonly found in a farmer’s barn…! A sorry little tractor, but hopefully it can be restored to a good standard – here goes!