Last push

Written by: sarah

So, the long hot summer seems to have ended. Days are shorter and rain has started falling…..  However the summer’s fantastic weather has helped us on the the best season ever, with loads of new customers (“Hello” to you all), and increased orders from our current customer base (Thank you for your continued support). Since […]

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Sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine

Written by: sarah

Be careful what you wish for….. you may just get it!  The dry, hot weather has now been here for a while, and set to continue for a few days yet. Fantastic for business, but not the easiest of working conditions. It’s hot in the factory, working in overalls, gloves, boots and masks, but at […]

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Be aware of cheap imitations!

Written by: sarah

Recently we have noticed at least one company selling a tennis court paint that looks like a decent price until you read further. Sometimes you see the word “Smooth” appearing in the description, or you may find “slip-resistance” is not mentioned anywhere in the ad. This may mean it has no added sand. Coating without sand […]

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Busiest week ever!

Written by: sarah

Despite the dreadful rain we have had so far this week, we have just had our busiest ever week… Pallets have been shipped out all over the country, ready for that break in the weather that MUST be on the way. Production is working hard to keep the shelves stocked up, and ensure that plenty […]

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Just a tease, or sign of things to come….?

Written by: sarah

Photographic proof – blues skies do still exist in the UK! Taken in my back garden on Saturday morning….. sunshine, warm temperatures, and no howling gales!!! The sun came out at last this weekend, so hopefully this will be the long-awaited start of the summer. A few people have been out spraying the odd court […]

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More snow……..

Written by: sarah

March 11th – yet more snow here in Leicestershire.  After last week’s 2 day teaser of warm weather, the cold has returned with avengence. This time last year there was a mini heatwave for a couple of weeks, so there is always hope of a good start in March. Many of our customers are champing […]

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Warmer weather coming!!

Written by: sarah

The weather men are saying it’s going to be warmer this weekend – even into double figures in some places (although hard to believe looking out of the window at the snow coming down….. again….). Paint making for the 2013 season is starting to get underway again as Birch Sports looks to fill the space […]

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2013 season

Written by: sarah

There may be snow on the ground, but thoughts are turning to the 2013 spraying season, with all fingers crossed for a warm, dry start to the spring and a long hot summer. Enquiries for 2013 paint prices are coming through thick and fast as contractors start to make early preparations. Call or e-mail us […]

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Overseas customers

Written by: sarah

Birch Sports has just sent it first overseas order out this month…..the start of a global empire?

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Winter’s here

Written by: sarah

Sadly another spraying season is now at an end until the spring brings warmer weather. The wettest summer on record has tested us all – trying to work out when the sun will be out for long enough to get anything on the floor. Fingers crossed that next year will be a scorcher!!!

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