Stage 1. Purchase of the Ferguson TEA (petrol) tractor

Written by: sarah

The winter means a long break for the Birch Sports factory. So with plenty of space in the warehouse, and plenty of time on our hands, the Little Grey “basket case” tractor purchased in the autumn was wheeled in for a total renovation and rebuild. We were offered it after going to an auction, and missing […]

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New season prices

Written by: sarah

2017 is well and truly upon us now – where does the time go, it’s already nearly February!. With Christmas a distant memory, thoughts are turning to the up-coming season, which will hopefully get off to an early, warm, and sunny start this year. The factory is now back in production, and we are in the […]

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Written by: sarah

Colour swatches of the line paint colours that we have in stock – White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue. Plenty of choice to contrast with our Superten Tennis Court Paint Colours



Written by: sarah

At last the external storage area is completely finished. A very busy summer meant that we had to make do with the type 1 hardcore base, as the area was stacked full of raw materials most of the time. The final tarmac layer gives a totally solid surface, and means that we can now use […]


In or Out

Written by: sarah

Tomorrow is the Big Day that decides the future of the UK – in our own hands, or in the hands of the EU Remain or Leave – wherever your your vote is cast, make sure you go out and put it in the ballot box

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Crazy weather

Written by: sarah

  Massive hailstorm last night in Market Harborough which still hasn’t melted completely away this morning. It seems a bit odd making more paint just after scraping a couple of inches of ice off the vans. However there are loads of orders going out the door, so there must be some decent spraying windows in between the spells of mad weather. Since creating some outside space, we have […]

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Already busy in mid-March

Written by: sarah

A good start to this week. 9.30am on a sunny Monday morning in the middle of March, and over 150 buckets palletised and waiting for the carrier. Van deliveries to go out in the afternoon, and more orders coming in by e-mail and phone as sprayers gear up for the Easter holiday jobs at the schools and colleges. […]

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Outside storage area

Written by: sarah

The outside storage area is pretty much done now. Low value raw materials and empty containers will be stored in this area. This will free up space inside the factory for finished stocks – all popular standard colours are always in stock and shelves are kept full to cope with the busiest of weeks, especially with the […]

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New van purchase

Written by: sarah

We purchased a brand new van at the end of last year. We have now had it logo’d up with our website address on the back doors – very subtle company advertising.  This is another larger sized-vehicle to deliver locally in bulk. After being faithful to Ford Transits for many many years, we have opted for […]

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Extension to storage area

Written by: sarah

After another great year, we have decided we need for more storage space for raw materials, so have got the professionals in to dig out the unused areas around the unit. Unfortunately they have to create a huge mess first, with around 50 tonnes of heavy clay soil being dug out. The lorry and grab in […]

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