Last push

Written by: sarah

So, the long hot summer seems to have ended. Days are shorter and rain has started falling…..  However the summer’s fantastic weather has helped us on the the best season ever, with loads of new customers (“Hello” to you all), and increased orders from our current customer base (Thank you for your continued support).

Since the launch of the website less than 18 months ago,  there has been a huge increase of sales – the World Wide Web seems to be the first port of call for just about everybody now.

Thankfully the move to the larger premises last winter has been more than justified, as we have been able to store more raw materials, and more finished product, to be able to respond to orders as they come in – all part of our Customer Service targets that we are able to always able to send goods out at short notice – the weather doesn’t wait for anybody, so short lead times are critical in this business.

Now there is one big push for the sprayers to get everything done in the last few weeks of the season, before we wind down for the winter and take a well-earned break.