Grey Fergie Progress Report

Written by: sarah

Well the progress on the Fergie is coming on apace. After a little trial and error to get a grey that we were happy with (you wouldn’t have thought it would be difficult, but one was too dark, another too blue…..!), the main body of the tractor, and all the various bolt on parts have been sprayed – some more than once (the bonnet was beautifully finished and ready to go, and then a metal sign got dropped on it, so that had to be done all over again… grrrr).

New tyres have now been fitted, and some of the parts bolted on. At last it is starting to look pretty good. The wiring needs doing next, although there is not much on it at all – they didn’t originally even come with any lights or indicators (although we will be fitting some lights shortly). We are hoping to get it running and finished for showing at the Lamport Festival of Country Life at the end of May.