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Rain, rain, rain

Written by: sarah

It’s not been a good June weather-wise, and July seems to be following in the same vein…. Fingers crossed for good weather in the school holidays so everyone can catch up with their spraying. Good luck to Murray at Wimbledon – plenty of exposure for tennis – and hopefully everyone will look at their old […]

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Blue courts

Written by: sarah

Blue courts seem to be very popular this year. Demand for light and dark blue courts is higher than previous years, with some large blocks being done in these colours. Combining blue and green also seems to be gaining in popularity as a bold contrast in colours. Try out our Court Designer option to see […]

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Queens Aegon Championships

Written by: sarah

Oh dear – Murray beaten in opening match. Let’s hope that he fares better at Wimbledon…..

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Birch sports are pleased to unveil their new website

Written by: admin

Birch Sports are pleased to announce their new website, Birch Sports Surfaces Limited specialises exclusively in the manufacture of premium quality, spray-applied coatings for porous macadam and concrete tennis and netball courts.  Many hours work has gone into this site and we hope that you find it easy to navigate around.  If you would like […]

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