Busiest week ever!

Written by: sarah

Despite the dreadful rain we have had so far this week, we have just had our busiest ever week… Pallets have been shipped out all over the country, ready for that break in the weather that MUST be on the way. Production is working hard to keep the shelves stocked up, and ensure that plenty of all the standard colours are in stock, as we know how critical it is to get the colour you want, when you need it.

All eyes are obviously on the next week’s forecast for those rare sunny days. But at least the temperatures are up now, so they are no longer a problem when we do get a fine day. There are a few good days next week, but the forecasts do seem to change almost hourly. The site we look at is called “XC Weather”  – it gives loads of information in an easy to read, colour coded format. It’s the best we’ve found so far, but it is always good to double check with other sites such as the BBC and Met Office