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Stage 6. Off to get shot blasted

Written by: sarah

With all the parts off the tractor again, the skid unit has been winched onto a trailer, strapped down, and has finally gone to the shot blasters. The bonnet is being prepared by hand as it is actually in pretty good condition – just some filler and a lot of patience required. Wings for the rear wheels […]

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Stage 5. Registration and getting a number plate

Written by: sarah

By this point we have also managed to get the tractor registered. It was purchased without a V5 logbook (many older tractors were not registered, or the documents and registration plates have been lost over the years). With some help from the Friends of Ferguson Heritage Club we have discovered from the serial number and […]

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Stage 4. Engine rebuild

Written by: sarah

After taking the head off the engine, we could see that water had obviously been getting into a couple of the cylinders. This has unfortunately meant a total stripdown and rebuild of the engine. New liners, pistons and valves have been put in, so just the block is original. The engine is the 85mm Standard […]

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Stage 3. Taking the tractor apart

Written by: sarah

All the bits and pieces have been taken of the tractor, and evaluated – OK to go back on / repair and re-use/ chuck in the bin and buy a new part – (quite a few bits in the last category….). The front wheels and steering have been removed, and the engine section split from […]

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Stage 2. Steam cleaning

Written by: sarah

With the bonnet removed, the tractor was pushed outside and given a good steam-clean and degrease to get rid of years of muck and oil and giving us a starting point to take it apart. It already looks better for a good clean, but shows us that there is a long way to go.

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Stage 1. Purchase of the Ferguson TEA (petrol) tractor

Written by: sarah

The winter means a long break for the Birch Sports factory. So with plenty of space in the warehouse, and plenty of time on our hands, the Little Grey “basket case” tractor purchased in the autumn was wheeled in for a total renovation and rebuild. We were offered it after going to an auction, and missing […]

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